How To Fight Period Pain When At Work?

Tips to Deal With Period Pain When at Work

1 Try Anticipating Period Dates and Plan Ahead

Some individuals fail to notice the warning signs and unexpectedly experience their menstrual cycle. However, even if you don’t recognize it beforehand, make an effort to remember the date or mark your calendar (whether digital, paper, or using a period tracking app) with your monthly cycle to anticipate its arrival. The initial two days might be exhausting, potentially causing you to feel down and irritable.

Arrange your tasks, assignments, projects, etc., in advance to lighten the burden during this time. It’s best to avoid scheduling crucial meetings, and client calls on these days, as you may not feel like going out.

2 Wear Clothes that Keep You Comfortable at Work

Workplace attire typically consists of formal clothing. However, if you’re experiencing your menstrual cycle and find something cozier, it’s advisable to wear that instead. Comfort should be the priority. When preparing for your day, opt for loose and comfortable clothes. Avoid tight dresses during bloating or cramps, and go for an outfit or trousers with some flexibility. Keeping a spare pair of comfy pants with you for unforeseen occasions is wise. Wear something that provides both comfort and confidence simultaneously.

3 Eat Healthily and Avoid Junk Food

When you’re menstruating and also attending to your workplace duties, your body requires additional nutritional support. Indulging in self-care and healthy food intake is essential during your period. The ideal approach is to consume small amounts of healthy food frequently, ensuring you get enough vitamin C and B6.

Avoiding fried foods may be difficult, but it’s a wise decision during your period.
If cramps are an issue, consider drinking healthy beverages like peppermint tea, ginger tea, and green tea at the workplace, which can help alleviate pain. High-salt foods can cause bloating due to water retention, so it’s best to avoid them for about a week. Also, consider dark chocolate, which is high in magnesium and assists in easing menstrual cramps while also reducing stress.

4 Exercise at Home and Also Can Stretch At the Workplace

Engaging in physical activities can aid in stimulating your brain, enhancing your concentration, and lowering your stress levels. This results in increased happiness at work and a stronger drive to accomplish tasks even during periods. Exercise also fortifies your immune system and regulates the menstrual cycle and flow, potentially leading to reduced cramping and lighter periods.

Make an effort to stand up, do stretching, and walk around in your office premises during your lunch break or mini breaks.
Combining these actions can help combat painful cramps. Moreover, constantly looking at your screen throughout the day will only increase fatigue and irritation. Stepping outside for some fresh air can rejuvenate you.

5 Get Sufficient Sleep to Keep Yourself Fresh at Work

The restorative power of sleep is essential for our cardio health and immune systems, as well as our capacity to think clearly, acquire new knowledge, and regulate our emotions. Working in a sleep-deprived state combined with periods can result in increased irritability, anger, and susceptibility to stress. Sleep serves as a natural solution for various issues, particularly during menstruation, when cramps can make rest elusive.

Hence, sleep is crucial, regardless of whether we are on our period or not. Melatonin, the hormone responsible for rest, significantly influences the menstrual cycle. Ensure that you keep the lights low, as this promotes the production of melatonin. Establish a nighttime routine, such as taking a bath, meditating, or enjoying soothing music, to help you unwind and encourage sleep.

6 Use Products for Comfort, Pain Relief, and Hygiene

Cramps can vary from sharp, stabbing pains to intense contractions. To alleviate this dreaded and debilitating symptom, there are products on the market to choose from. You can use tampons, preferably organic ones, for light to heavy flows. For heavier periods, use sanitary pads. Sanitary pads can be a suitable alternative for those who experience irritation or dryness from tampons.

Menstrual cups can also be worn for up to twelve hours without interfering with work activities. You can also keep period underwear with you at work. Period underwear differs from regular undergarments due to its multiple layers, making them more absorbent than traditional tampons or pads.

7 Don’t Hesitate to Take Help From Your HR

In the fast-moving, eco-aware society we live in, it’s essential that businesses place employee well-being and satisfaction at the forefront, particularly regarding menstrual care. By offering eco-friendly and hygienic menstrual products, companies can foster a more inclusive and supportive work environment.


Menstrual discomforts, such as aching, intense blood flow, and emotional distress, could contribute to numerous days of reduced work efficiency for women annually. However, with proper care, a healthy regime, and changes to lifestyle, women can sail easily through period days. It is advisable to keep all essential period relief products, medications, and also period pain relief with you at work to ensure you can focus on your work without any stress.

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