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Jollie Udada Club Project is managed by Jollie Reusable Pads & Accessories created to support good Menstrual Hygiene Practices in an attempt to build a better world for women and girls in Tanzania. This means innovating, educating, partnering, advocating and supporting locally-led solutions to create ripples of change on all levels from community wise to national level. This project targets school-going girls from disadvantaged social and economic backgrounds in communities in Tanzania. Through our workshops, we will distribute menstrual cups, reusable pads, and period underwear to girls in more than 300 schools, both primary and secondary. During workshop sessions, we organize training and question-and-answer sessions to give girls a forum where they can ask questions freely and discuss other related topics. Our staff also addresses other hindrances to education these girls face. Through dialogue and education, we aim to empower girls to keep their education as the number one priority.

The project is planned with a multi-pronged behavioral and awareness raising communication approach for managing menstrual hygiene leading to women capacity building, knowledge exchange on hygiene education and bridge with the local stakeholders.
1. Breaking the chain of silence
As menstruation is a neglected topic, women and girls in the project area do not speak about the topic and are not involved in decision-making – for example, household decisions to build a toilet or spend money on sanitary pads. The result is a lack of facilities and services, e.g. a lack of separate toilets for girls at schools. It also results in a lack of social support and the culture of fear, shame, embarrassment and silence, completing the circle of neglect. This pilot initiative is targeted to break the ultimate circle of the silence through awareness raising, capacity building and knowledge exchange on menstrual hygiene management.

2. Create a supportive environment
In Tanzania, menstruation taboos lead to serious restrictions on the daily activities of menstruating women and girls; in many, the stigma means that they cannot discuss menstrual hygiene freely. To improve the women’s and girls’ lives, Jollie Udada Club planned to break the silence and dispel the stigma and shame by engaging with communities through participatory channels such as community theater, schools, religious interactions, and interactive training.

3. Improve local awareness and knowledge
Due to the stigma and silence surrounding this issue, women and girls, as well as men and boys, often know very little about menstruation and menstrual hygiene. To address this critical gap, Jollie Udada Club intended to promote menstrual hygiene education through community platforms such as schools, communities, as well as in healthcare facilities.

4. Creating women-friendly sanitation facilities
Women and girls require safe, private sanitation facilities at home, at school and at work so that they can discreetly and comfortably go to the bathroom and/or change their menstrual hygiene materials. Key aspects targeted to address through this project include:

  • Access to water and/or hand washing in or near the facility;
  • Ability to lock the latrine from the inside;
  • Discreet disposal (i.e. trash cans, trash chutes, etc.);
  • A place to hang reusable menstrual pads to dry.

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