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How Long Do Periods Last?

Periods last for three to seven days depending on your body and period cycle. There is a small amount of blood at first, which increases with time, and then gradually stops by the end of the period cycle.

When does one Get Their Periods?

Usually, girls get their first period between the age 12-15; however, it can be as early as age 9 or as late as age 17.

Why Do Periods Happen?

When the puberty begins, female hormones cause the body to release eggs from the ovaries. If these eggs meet male sperm, they grow into a baby through the next nine months. However, when they don’t meet the sperm, the female body releases the tissues and extra blood that eggs made out through the vagina. This is called menstruation cycle or periods and takes place every month in female bodies. It’s a normal process and doesn’t need to be scared of at any stage.

Why does PERIOD knowledge Matter?

In rural Tanzania, a significant number of females never make it to schools. Even those who do, eventually stop studying past the primary school due to various reasons. The lack of proper education further leads them to many misconceptions about the menstrual cycle. By delivering adequate period education in schools to all females, as well as their parents, we can ensure that no female ever has to suffer menstrual related problems in her life.

How Many Pads Will I need?

It depends on How long your cycle is and How heavy your flow is, also How often you plan to wash your pads.

In general, 2 Maxi pads (Day Pads) for 20 ML absorption lasts 6- 8 hours and 1 Super Maxi Pad (Night Pads) lasts 8-10 hours are enough for most women. You can always start with just a few and learn more about what works best for you!

How Do I Choose the Right Style / Size?

While there are endless styles of cloth pads on the market, they can be broken down into three main groups: panty-liners, day pads, and night pads. Remember, you’ll probably want a variety of styles for different days of your cycle!

How to Use Cloth Pads on the go OR Travelling?

It depends on the user’s choice & preference. Our pads come with a waterproof bag. When you remove your used pad, you can put it in the waterproof bag in your purse or backpack until it’s time to wash.

How to Wash Re-usable Pad?

  • Remove the blood from the pad with cold water as it helps keep stains at bay
  • Soak it in mild detergent and scrub with hands. Rinse with normal water and dry.
  • Avoid bleach, fragrance, and fabric softener
  • Dry on lowest setting for machine wash or otherwise out in the sun

What About Leakage?

Leakage is the #1 worry of women thinking about using cloth pads. Fortunately, many women find that cloth actually works better for them than disposables. Cloth pads won’t bunch or twist like adhesive pads can, and most pads have an absorbent core to keep you leak-free.

To stay comfortable and leak-free, just make sure you change your pad frequently enough (about as often as you would a disposable) and choose the right absorbency for your flow.