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Why Jollie?

We are the social enterprise based in Tanzania. We work towards increasing awareness about menstruation cycle, its adverse impacts on females’ health, and prudent ways to handle it properly.

We sell a diversified range of non-hazardous menstrual products in the local market and look to venture into the international market to support our leading cause and continue the fight against period poverty.

01. Our Mission

To positively transform the experience of menstruation through reusable menstrual products & relevant education.

02. Our Vision

We envision a world where girls in Africa live healthy, safe, educated lives while defining their own purpose.

Theory of Change

It is only when girls have the education they seek about their bodies and rights, along with the quality products and resources they need to stay healthy and safe, that they can make informed decisions about their lives.

When girls are given honest answers to their real questions, their voice is affirmed, and they gain the confidence to step into their potential.

When girls have enhanced reproductive health knowledge, they have enhanced agency in decision-making and are shown to be more likely to make positive decisions for their futures.


Our Core Values


We see, respect, and celebrate what makes each individual unique. We make reusable products for all menstruators. We are dedicated to educating ourselves about anti-racism and being actively anti-racist in our work. We strive to not just include but elevate voices that have been historically marginalized or oppressed.


We try new things, learn from them, and share our knowledge. We ask, “What if?” We welcome points of view that differ from our own and can teach us something new. We reflect on our own perspectives and ask ourselves why we hold them. We listen.


We create opportunities for humor and fun. We assume the best in others. We do not shame ourselves or others for mistakes. We acknowledge when we fall short, and strive to do better next time.


Our Fabulous Pads

At Joillie we’re experts on reusable cloth pads. Thats why we’ve developed ranges of them to suit all needs!

Cloth sanitary pads are a great alternative to disposable pads. Super easy to use, clean and store. No matter how light or heavy your period is, we have something for you. Plus if taken care of correctly our pads will last around 10 years. Think of how much money you could save!

How every order helps to change lives...

Not only do our pads make periods better for you, they also make periods better for women and girls.  We donate 1% of our total sales to different charity programs.



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