Which Exercises Can Be Done During Periods?

Best exercises to do during periods 

The first few days of periods can be challenging due to abdominal cramps and heavy bleeding. Exercise can be a saviour for you on these difficult days. Here are a few simple workouts to keep you healthy and happy-

1: Walking 

A simple, light walk is the best exercise you can do during your periods. This low-intensity aerobic exercise helps your lungs work properly later in your cycle. So, lace up your favourite sneakers and hit the road for a stroll or a brisk walk around. These will also help you to uplift your mood and will you able to burn some calories. These light movements of your body will increase the secretion of endorphins.

2: Running 

Yes, running! In the later days of your periods or when you have mild symptoms, you can go running. Go for a slow run and take some breaks in between if you feel uncomfortable. Running can reduce your pain and irritability instantly. Remember to keep yourself well hydrated.

3: Yoga 

Yoga can relax your cranky and irritable mood just by stretching and breathing exercises. Many yoga poses help to increase your blood circulation and provide ease to your noxious complaints. It is scientifically proven and tested that yoga helps to relax your body  and relieve your period symptoms such as cramps and bloating.

4: Pilates 

Pilates is the most trending type of workout nowadays. It helps to relax your body and keep you calm and healthy. Pilate moves are target specific muscle groups, so you can tailor out your workout as you need. Pilate builds a core strength that can reduce the severity of your cramps.

5: Light lifting 

If you are unable to go for a walk or gym, then at least you can do light weight lifting at your home. Try light lifting and power-based moves that will result in increasing muscle flexibility and strength.

6:  stretching

Simple stretches at home can be beneficial than just rolling on your bed. If you are having more discomfort doing other exercises, then try to do stretching and take deep breaths to relax your body muscles.

7: Dancing 

Dancing is a fun activity that can uplift your mood and burn extra calories too. So, enrol yourself in a Zumba class if you are up for it.

8: Swimming 

It is a foreign concept for many girls, but swimming is one of the most relaxing and gentle exercises you can do even you are on your period. You won’t bleed out if your flow is light because of the counter-pressure of water. For better protection, you can use tampons. Many doctors suggest that females will bleed less when they are in cold water because of the cold clamping of blood vessels down for a bit.

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