‘Ovulation cycle’ instead of ‘Menstrual cycle’?

Some people claim that the menstrual cycle should be called the “ovulation cycle” because they believe the primary focus should be on the release of the egg (ovulation) rather than the menstrual bleeding.

Here are a few reasons behind this perspective:

Ovulation as the key event of the menstrual cycle.
Ovulation is considered a crucial event in the menstrual cycle because it is the point at which the egg is released from the ovary, potentially leading to pregnancy. Advocates argue that naming the cycle after ovulation highlights its significance in reproductive health.

Fertility awareness as an argument.
Understanding when ovulation occurs is important for individuals trying to conceive or avoid pregnancy. Some argue that emphasising ovulation helps individuals better understand their fertile window and make informed decisions regarding family planning.

Shifting focus from bleeding.
Critics of the term “menstrual cycle” believe it puts excessive emphasis on menstrual bleeding, which is just one phase of the entire cycle. They argue that by naming it the “ovulation cycle,” the focus shifts to the fertile period and the reproductive potential of the cycle.

About accuracy and clarity.
Proponents argue that the term “ovulation cycle” more accurately represents the purpose and function of the cycle. They believe it provides a more straightforward and precise description of the primary event during the cycle.

What should I call it?
It’s important to note that the terminology used to describe the menstrual cycle can vary depending on cultural, educational, and individual preferences. While some people advocate the “ovulation cycle,” others prefer using “menstrual cycle” or other terms encompassing the hormonal process. Ultimately, the choice of terminology is a matter of personal perspective and the specific context in which it is being discussed.

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